The founders of Parsus spent years at large multinational consulting firms like IBM and KPMG. What they saw were a ton of good ideas and "best practices" in delivering solutions, but also a bureaucracy with layers upon layers of management. The results were obvious. Slow, expensive delivery but superb quality!

We asked ourselves, how can we deliver solutions at top-notch quality, but still be nimble and affordable? How do we encourage our team to work smarter, not harder? How can we create an environment that pushes the boundaries of thinking; promotes progressive ideas; endorses creative and nimble solutions?

The idea of Parsus was born. Progressive thinking, creative ideas, simple solutions. Affordable, nimble and top-notch quality. Just ask our clients. They'll tell you. Our first client (adidas) still remains our client and we are fiercely loyal to them.

The Parsus Philosophy: SIMPLICITY

par·si·mo·ny (pär'sə-mō'nē) Adoption of the simplest assumption in the formulation of a theory or in the interpretation of data, especially in accordance with the rule of Ockham's Razor.

Parsus is the root of the word parsimony. Ockham's Razor is attributed to William of Ockham, a Franciscan friar from the 14th century. While there are several theories and thesis on Okham's Razor, they all agree that it signifies simplicity. At Parsus, we are proponents in simple, elegant solutions. This is central to the services we offer and the products we have authored.

Parsus Products

Over the past few years, Parsus has developed a few products and brands.

Thanks to Apple (and subsequently Google), the mobile ecosystem has exploded over the past few years. Yet, most websites are mobile-unfriendly. Customers navigate to desktop-based sites on their mobile devices and are frustrated. They pinch and zoom and scroll and tap before leaving to go to a rival site.

moBistro offers a Content Management System (CMS) platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to launch their mobile-friendly presence in less than a day. Initially launched to target the restaurant industry, this self-serve branded solution has been retrofitted to serve a variety of verticals like real estate, sports, services, entertainment and retail.

mobiFriendly allows agencies and consulting firms "White Label" the CMS platform under their own brand to resell the mobile platform to clients. As of this writing (Feb, 2012), mobiFriendly powers more than 700 sites with more than 2,000 locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia (and is growing fast).

Recently acquired by Parsus, the LeadPeep platform works to eliminate fraudulent lead practices by inserting a snippet of benign micro-code in the lead form. This can accurately Identify and monitor leads, Capture root information (including a physical screen-shot) and Protect from fraudulent lead generation activities.

Lead Peep

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