Lead Peep brings transparency to the complex and often challenging world of education lead generation. If you represent an institution of higher learning, Lead Peep can guarantee your school eliminates fraudulent lead practices, no longer has to worry about wasting valuable resources on bad leads, and is compliant with new federal marketing regulations.

Lead Peep Delivers EDU Lead Transparency

Know everything up front with Lead Peep, your solution to EDU lead fraud. Through our proprietary platform developed to deliver transparent higher education leads, your school can accurately Identify and monitor your leads, Capture their root information and Protect your school.

What Is Lead Peep?

Lead Peep is a revolutionary technology with a fraud-detection engine that allows companies eliminate lead-fraud.

How? Thanks to a unique transaction ID Lead Peep can collect a lead's root data at the time of capture and marry it to the actual information lead vendors deliver. Your school can then confirm the submitted lead came from an approved source and block leads from unapproved sources.

Need added security due to new Gainful Employment rules? Lead Peep will provide the exact origin of your submitted leads, including the source URLs su banner and text ads and the landing pages your leads filled out. Lead Peep can also capture a screenshot of every referring URL and the landing page used by your vendors for data collection. Then, every 24 hours Lead Peep archives the screenshots automatically in the Lead Peep data repository so you can review the messaging whenever you want.

Why Do I Need Lead Peep?

The higher education industry is facing several growing trends:


Lead vendors are submitting fraudulent leads, causing a low conversion rate and diminished Return on Investment for schools.


Gainful Employment regulations are forcing schools to ensure they are compliant with messaging requirements, or risk losing access to Title IV funding.


New marketing regulations combined with the growing competitive industry have schools vying for a select group of quality students.

The Bottom Line

Lead quality is critical to the future of your school. Schools that fail to identify the source of their leads and don't react to these trends risk wasting valuable resources developing fraudulent leads. They also put access to vital Title IV funding in jeopardy if they run noncompliant messaging. Lead Peep can make the difference.

Lead Peep

"The technology behind Lead Peep provides schools with the resource to ensure data quality in today's evolving EDU world. Schools will now have the tools to obtain root information about potential students and guarantee necessary lead transparency."

-G. Parekh, Partner, Parsus Solutions, LLC

Lead Peep Key Advantages

  • Create complete lead transparency and establish a self-policing environment
  • Weed out bad leads, create a list of approved URLs and block unapproved URLs
  • Gain an insurance policy in today's contentious lead-generation environment

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