The core of Lead Peep's fraud prevention is its proprietary technology that can capture root information about every lead.

Your school will require all of your lead vendors to add a unique source code to their EDU portals and landing pages. When a potential lead lands on a landing page, a transaction ID tied to that source code is generated and critical root information is captured about that person. This root information, i.e., IP address, city, state, time stamp, URL of landing page and type of browser, is stored along with the transaction ID in the Lead Peep data repository. Lead Peep does not capture the actual lead data, i.e., name, address, email, phone number, program of interest, etc.

Once the vendor has submitted the potential student to your lead management system, Lead Peep uses the transaction ID to reveal the individual's root information in real time. Lead Peep then marries that information to the actual lead data your vendor delivers. You can now confirm submitted leads come from approved sources/URLs and block leads from unapproved URLs, enabling your school to protect itself against lead fraud.

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Screen Capture Technology

Need added security due to Gainful Employment regulations?

Lead Peep can capture a screenshot of every referring URL, e.g., banner and text ads, and the landing pages your leads filled out. Then, every 24 hours Lead Peep archives the screenshots automatically in the Lead Peep data repository so you can review the messaging used by your vendors for data collection, whenever you want.