Lead Peep was developed to provide schools with the means to properly identify the origin of leads and to protect themselves against lead fraud. Through its unique lead fraud prevention platform, Lead Peep stops fraudulent lead-generation practices in their tracks. Lead vendors will no longer be able to recycle leads, doctor IP addresses or hold surplus leads to resend at a later date without your school's knowledge. Lead Peep will help you create complete transparency and establish a self-policing environment within the EDU lead-generation vertical.

Your school can now track leads at the point of origin and have access to the DNA behind every submitted lead.

Lead Peep Prevents Lead Fraud

Lead Peep Fraud Detection

Lead Peep fraud detection algorithms will alert you if key fraud indicators are identified, such as multiple leads from the same IP address, or patterns of leads from the same URL or a suspicious URL.

Lead Peep
Protect Against Lead Fraud
  • Recycling leads
  • Manipulating or changing IP addresses
  • Holding leads to deliver at a later date
  • Multiple leads coming from same IP address
  • Misleading messaging on landing page
  • Incentivized leads and co-reg. campaigns